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Bioethics-In-Action (BEIA) is a national, nonprofit organization founded in 2003 to inspire inquiry, discussion and deliberation on issues of science, technology and ethics. BEIA's goal is to promote policy awareness, quality education and inquiry and discussion of the ethical implications of research and development projects in the biological sciences.

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Common sense and experience demonstrate that the biotechnology

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revolution represents promise for some and critical challenges for society as a whole. Bioethics - the study of human choices and judgments within biomedical research and technology - has never been more topical.

Science and technology have demonstrated their positive potential through helping to alleviate disease and developing products and processes that benefit individuals and mankind as a whole. Simultaneously, however, the unrestrained pace of such advances and their applications may affect us fundamentally both in our physical well-being and our understanding of what it means to be human. There is perhaps no more important issue facing us today -- one that challenges the moral and ethical foundations that are common to all humans.

BEIA supports a skeptical enthusiasm about biotechnological advances - recognizing significant progress but balancing that progress with thoughtful discussion by an informed public.

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