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Teacher Training Institutes
Community Discussion Groups
Product Development

Teacher Training Institutes

BEIA leadS initiatives in teacher training to promote awareness through education, beginning with secondary education teachers and their students. Each Teacher Training Institute (TTI) is designed to train 20 teachers and introduce bioethics into formal education.

BEIA's initial TTI, "Biotechnology and the Design of Human Life: Future Hopes and Challenges", takes place June 20-25, 2004 and was developed for secondary teachers from all disciplines. Teachers will learn about the ethical issues related to biotechnology and about curriculum based approaches to explore with their students. The institute invites teachers to examine three bioethics challenges: extending human life; enhancing human performance and capacity; and modifying moods and social behavior.

Taught by national experts in integrated studies and bioethics issues, the TTI draws on material from classical and modern literature, film, the National Science Foundation and the President's Council on Bioethics, among other sources.

Through the TTI, teacher teams receive practical training in techniques to investigate specific bioethical challenges and develop curricular models for use in their classrooms. Following the program, Teachers will be invited to participate in an ongoing peer network to further develop curricula and teaching techniques as well as to exchange best practices.

Saint Mary's College of California is home to the June 2004 TTI. A widely recognized liberal arts institution of higher learning, its Integral Program asks students to pursue fundamental questions in diverse areas of human thought, while emphasizing the need to consider the relationships between fields, especially the humanities and sciences.

TTI participation is limited to 20 teachers. Apply Today to secure your space in BEIA's June program.

Click Here for Downloadable Brochure

Community Discussion Groups

BEIA will create a Community Discussion Group Action Network to support its goal of increasing public awareness and citizen involvement in the bioethics dialogue, encouraging public scrutiny of biotechnology research and development. The action network also provides TTI participants with an avenue to remain involved with BEIA and have access to an additional source of bioethics curricula and community involvement. Some TTI participants may even be candidates for discussion group leaders in their respective communities. This initiative has the capacity to begin hundreds of discussion groups during the first two years of the program.

BEIA will develop web-based guides and support materials for discussion group leaders and participants.

BEIA discussion groups may be comprised of members of the general public and include self-selection into groups organized around specific disciplines (e.g., scientists, teachers, journalists and lawyers).

Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about participating in a Community Discussion Group in your area.


BEIA will be actively involved in research, studies and/or surveys on bioethics issues. Research areas may include:

  1. Involvement of lay people on Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
  2. New approaches to biotechnology patenting
  3. History of unintended consequences and their impact, both positive and negative
  4. Role of tort law in creating a financial structure to protect the untended effects of biotechnology product and service implementation
Product Development

BEIA will produce publications and multi-media products to support our Teacher Training Institutes, Community Discussion Groups and other communication efforts. These may include:

  1. Case studies
  2. Material development - both print and web-based
  3. Video documentary - a stand-alone product designed to give bioethics a human face and to stimulate interest in contemporary issues such as performance enhancement through medication and/or genetic manipulation, design of life through refinements in assisted reproduction, and how choices define the value of human life.

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