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Sober Second Thought Model

BEIA has developed an analytic and evolving way of thinking about bioethics, built around the notion of what the Greeks termed "sober second thoughts".

The Sober Second Thought Model (SSTM) will be used as a framework for decision making and discussion in both BEIA Teacher Training Institutes (TTIs) and Community Discussion Group networks. This model will help individuals learn to engage in a process of inquiry that will lead to responsible decision making.

The model keeps the question of what it means to be human at the forefront of bioethics deliberations and considers the consequences (intended and unintended) of scientific and technological research in the light of the public good. The model does not oppose the research and development of biotechnology products and services. When exercised fully, it will promote a measured and prudent enthusiasm for scientific progress.

The SSTM has been developed as a process approach for individuals and groups to analyze biotechnology issues of concern. It will be refined at BEIA's pilot teacher training program during the summer of 2004.

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